Meat Gallery is a meat seller in the Colombo district and has been in the industry for more than a decade. Being solely dependent on the store sales, in 2020, they wanted to take their business online and to increase the sales via online orders.

The Problem and Solution

We partnered up with Meat Gallery and took the challenge and this was a great challenge since the client didn’t even have a logo for them to promote. 

Hence, we started the process with designing a proper logo and setting the brand guidelines.

Since our client has been known for beef-meat among the customers, we designed the logo reprising the symbol of a cow and going with the relevant color palette demonstrating the meat and food. 

Once the basics were set right, we established the digital presence through regular product-based posts as well as effective Ad-Campaigns.

There was again a barrier we encountered, as our client struggled with operational work of managing and distributing the online sales. There again, we freely gave a consultation and a strategy to implement an effective operational procedure.



We utilized the market gap during the Covid Lockdown period by gaining close to 56% sales through online. The numbers tender flourish till then due to a greater management of the digital presence. Since that we were able to keep the ROI higher more than the targets stetted. It is a pleasure working with Meat Gallery and the Management of MG is really happy with our service


Meat Gallery (Pvt) Ltd


Digital Marketing , Logo Designing , Business Operation Consulting