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Our Story.

The foundational tenets of Cognitri Consultancy started with a cup of coffee and thought provoking conversation between two friends on a couch two years ago with the core values of providing value, care for others, and making time for those around you. Or, as we like to say, create unmatched experiences for everyone you come in contact with. Consequently in June 2019, Cognitri Consultancy was born. We established our firm with the aim of catering our clients with high quality services ensuring high customer satisfaction. We have always believed our customers’ success to be ours, and this has been the strength of our company values. We set out to build the best culture in the consulting industry, The one that cares about the work we do and the people we work with. A culture that celebrates individuals and creates lifelong friendships.


Our vision is to become the most prestigious consulting company in Sri Lanka by getting our clients the most return on investments they place in us.


We see a huge gap in this industry in terms of Customers’ trust in the service providers, and our core mission is to close that gap to earn the customers’ trust by thinking in the customers’ perspective and work together. This ensures the customers’ get the services worth for their investment. We strongly believe we grow only when our customers and employees grow. We grow together.

About Images

Our greatest asset is our clients and customers driven with the core values of providing value, leading with your heart, caring for others, and making time for those around you. And we treat you as if you are the only one. Our daily motto is to ease our customers’ burden and pain. Cognitri Consultancy, is always at your fingertips. – Team Cognitri

Our Team.

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Ragul Raveendran

Head of Business Development

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Althaf Ajward

Head of Marketing and Branding

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Seyyed Ramzan

Business Analyst

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Kavin Dharshak

Head of IT

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Ashfaaq Jinna

Head of Accounts and HR

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Gouzul Ameer

Digital Marketing Executive

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Mohamed Ayyoob

Senior Accounts Executive