Digital Marketing

Post pandemic, it has become imminent for any given business to have a strong digital presence to survive and sustain in the market. Our experts take your business to a new level of success and reach your needs with customized digital marketing campaigns, helping you to raise growth and sales. Our digital marketing services range from providing direct consulting services, to creating and managing social media campaigns and total social media management solutions which include content creation and page moderation across multiple platforms.

Our two aspects of Digital Marketing are:

1. Social Media Marketing and Lead Generation 

This is where a number of theme-based crafted artworks and target market-oriented content will be developed from scratch in order to establish a stable digital presence for your business. Crafted advertisement campaigns will be run with the aim of reaching out to the most accurate set of the target markets, backed by relevant facts and reports. 

2. Search Engine Optimization 

SEO strategy is a must to make sure that you are getting the most out of your digital existence. By analyzing the market demand and implementing sustainable and content-driven SEO strategies, we will help you improve your website’s visibility to drive more relevant visitors to your site, organically.  We have a greater team with the expertise to enhance your business’s digital marketing efforts and gain greater digital brand awareness. 


Training and Development

We have been providing our service of Training and Development for both corporate companies as well as educational institutes. Our client portal for T&D includes universities and educational institutes such as the University of Peradeniya and the Australian College of Business and Technology (ACBT).  

Our target market has been the freshers to the University, Undergraduates as well as graduates. Our training and development session of Career Development is to guide the audience with the relevant topics regarding "the process of getting the right job in the market" and "Entrepreneurial based - Aim High and Fly High". The sessions will always carry the theme of "Achieving the goals without giving up".  

On the other hand, our modules for Corporates have been:

Team Work
Critical Thinking and Decision Making
Time Management
Women Empowerment
Communicational Etiquettes
Personal and Professional Grooming
Client Handling - Sales Oriented

We shall also develop content based on the requirement of the client. 


IT Developments

Our talented team is adept at using sophisticated tools and techniques to offer you all sorts of IT Development Services. We structure the IT infrastructure (both software and hardware) for startups as well restructure the setup for the exiting companies by providing the solutions for the corporate requirements. 

These solutions come in many forms of: 

Corporate Systems (ERP, CRM, and HR Management)
Mobile Application 
Website Development 

Bespoke Corporate Systems 

All sorts of systems for any given industry will be developed from scratch with customized features to suit the clients’ requirements. Leveraging its innovative culture, technical knowledge, and business process expertise, Cognitri Consultancy helps clients achieve a range of organizational goals, including. Streamlined business processes result in faster, more efficient business systems. In turn, these systems increase your organization’s ability to meet the needs of your valued end-users and customers.

Mobile Application Development 

In this modern context, it is apparent that a simple Mobile app can transform your business & deliver an excellent customer experience whilst taking your brand to the client’s fingertips which will position your business as an enriched entity in lucrative potential segments. The various platforms through which these applications may be developed are endless and our dedicated team ensures that you get the best possible mobile application solutions out there. 

Website Development 

From concept to launch – we’ll make the web development process easy and fun, and you’ll love the results. Websites are powerful business tools and our team of multi-disciplinary experts knows how to harness this power to create websites that are engaging, easy to use, speak to the target audience and guide them to the desired outcome. We convert your simple idea into a digital platform/online store that can generate sales as a lead-generating engine. 

Simply put: we design and develop websites that lead to conversions and accomplish business goals. 


Event Planning & Management

We are a collection of visionaries, strategists, planners, and creators, brought together to deliver extraordinary events. Any sort of business and commercialized events shall be planned and organized including a corporate’s CSR program and Product launches.  A specific project manager will be assigned along with the event coordinators under the manager. Right from the costing to the agenda of the event will be pre-finalized and done accordingly. 

Our innovative way of thinking engages clients and their audiences, no matter what their requirements. We work as an extension of your marketing and communication teams to design engaging events, helping you to communicate directly with your target audience. It is our aim to help our customers make the most out of these interactions, creating a fulfilling and purposeful experience. 

As Event Management specialists, we provide bespoke solutions which meet your objectives. Whether you require an awards dinner, conference, exhibition, company fun day, team building, or recognition event, we create and deliver projects of all shapes and sizes that are designed to engage your audience through live experiences. 


Video Production

TV and Digital Commercials, corporate videos, product or service promotional videos shall be catered to any scale of projects. We partner with models, entrepreneurs, and influencers to get greater emotional content-based promotional videos for our clients. Our strength when it comes to video production is, we always develop content that will tell a story to the target market.

The process of video production can be put into three phases pre-production, production, and post-production. We conceive an idea and then turn it into a script followed by suitable casting and assigning the suitable crew. Everything is organized in preparation for the recording process. Scene locations are selected, the script is edited and revised if necessary.

Once all the cast and crew have been hired, and the script has been edited and approved, the actual production process will be begun. Crew and cast members all travel to the location, and each scene is shot until it is satisfactory. This process repeats until every scene in the film has been shot. Once each scene has been properly shot, the video will be taken to the next stage by the production manager.

Post-production covers all actions that are performed after the actual shooting of the promotional video has been completed. This includes merging each scene, syncing audio and video, editing audio and video, and adding special effects. The client will be shown the output and the amendments will be made accordingly. Even after the publishment of the video, if required, we shall make the amendments to add more value to the bond we share with the client.

Business Consulting

We help organizations achieve sustainable results by empowering people and improving the systems and processes. 

We consult businesses in four main aspects: 

Branding and Rebranding 

Product Launch and Event Planning 

Business Diversification 

Marketing (Above the line and below the line) 

Our Methodology: 

Step 1: The process always starts with a site visit where your company operates. Understanding current condition, culture, values, and business process. 

Step 2: Based on diagnosis and understanding of the current situation, Cognitri’s Consultants will present and discuss with the top management regarding the potential.

  • Short Term Solution (Quick Wins)  

  • Mid Term Solution  

  • Long Term Solution 

Step 3: To ensure you get the best results, Cognitri’s Consultants will systematically plan and manage the implementation of Improvement. We will facilitate the company through systematical project management including Project Quality Assurance to ensure the program is implemented according to the project plan.