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Problem , Plan and Solution

Blueline Collection is a retail clothing store having its branches in Nugegoda and Malabe. In 2019, our client realized the importance of having a digital presence and partnered up with us. We initially drafted an annual plan for our client with clear short-term goals. 

Our first goal was to set the brand guideline right and effectively utilizing the platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We executed another plan of going for a professional photo-shoot to get the right impression among the customers at regular intervals. 

We then strategized to promote their price as the customer advantage after a thorough study on the market. Therefore, all our online posts as well as ad-campaigns the price factor reaching the target market. Once after our client started gaining up to 21.5% of sales through online, we implemented our next big step which is to establish an online store, in other terms an e-commerce website. 

Our clients website has been designed and developed in the most customer-friendly way with utmost safety for customer data. We further got to operational level strategy making by implementing a smooth operation procedure for the client with partnering up with the right courier service as well as recruiting our client a set of skilled staff to manage the sales operational procedure. 

Our client now considers their online store as a separate strategic business unit (SBU) since it earns them close to 32% of the total sales.  

Blueline Collection (Pvt) Ltd