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Sujan international (Pvt) Ltd is a IS022000 certified award-winning company dedicated to vegetarianism and veganism. Our client’s primary objective is, "To cater to the vegetarians with all they need in taste, nutrition and variety with mother nature's produce to recreate 100% vegetarian food for a healthier body and a happier mind". They have been manufacturing and catering the market with Vegan Food products for more than the past two decades.

The Problem

In 2021, we got on board as Sujan International’s front end digital marketing service provider. At that point, our client had not established any sort of digital presence and it was indeed a great challenge for us to reach our client’s vision to a wider target market through the digital marketing tools.

The Solution

As a first step, we set up the brand guidelines right in order to get the basics right. The process included the finalization of Logo and the color combination. We particularly chose the light green color as the main fitting since the products are all about vegan and healthiness for the mankind.

We also simultaneously established a greater engagement with the customers through our crafted Ad-Campaigns. Such Customer Engagement and Management helped us to get the feedback on our products as well as the customer needs. We generally inform our Client and their Research Team on such needs, and as a consequence Sujan International further develop and distribute products to the market.


Sujan International currently has a greater digital presence and established very well on the digital marketing platforms. We have indeed tripled the engagement through online marketing and increased up to 6% of total sales. As a next step, we strengthened by totally revamping their official website.

The website of Sujan International –, has been reconstructed with the prime motives of both brand awareness as well product awareness. The website carries six main categories/pages.

Home: This has been designed in a way to focus on highly saleable products on the sliders whiles the product glimpses as well as benefits are stated in a more understandable way.

About Us: This page has been designed to depict the 32 years history of the company as well as their aim of bring unique in terms of providing Vegan products to the market.

Products: All the products of Sujan International have been listed down here with a special feature of featuring the outlets in which the specific products are available. The customers will also be able to check into the online purchasing option by clicking a specific outlet’s icon.

Books and Blogs: This page carries all the books, blogs and interviews that would enlighten the customers on the products as well as the company’s intention with these products.

Achievements Page and Contact Us Page carries the other set of company information to win more credibility of the customers.

Likewise, each and every information has been structured in the website thinking from a customer’s point of view. We are indeed pretty sure to take Sujan International's digital presence above the industry standards with every next step of us.

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